Roger And Simon Save The Day

It’s fair to say that this has to go down as one of my more eventful journeys to my gig last night in Rawtenstall in Lancashire.

And it’s all thanks to that great practical joker – the sat nav.

I recall very well my times as a union rep in East Lancashire with its narrow roads and 90 degree inclines.

I thought to myself that every time I went to Burnley or Todmorden or Bacup or Rawtenstall that I somehow got lost on a road that was only one car wide and which was vertical.

But sat navs weren’t invented then.

And yet it happened again.

After taking the same funny roundabout several times I ended on the wrong road.

No worries. The sat nav would be a trusty guide.

Turn left it said.

And moments later the car was in a ditch. Hoorah!!

Thanks to Roger and Simon for saving the day by winching it back out again when it looked like the car would never be seen again.

Roger is the one in the video, and Simon is in the car. Great work lads!

Finally got to the gig 5 hours after setting off, but in perfect time as it was only just about to kick off.

Lovely people here, and I really enjoyed my set. A great audience. Attila was ace as ever too. I’m still loving the Swine Flu Rap!!

Off to Cardiff now. See you soon and enjoy the vid.

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  1. Vinny - September 18, 2009 @ 7:51 am

    Oh dear. You got there in the end, and learned how to say Rawtenstall properly. Glad it went well. Enjoy Cardiff.

  2. Matt Swift - October 16, 2009 @ 9:47 am

    Hydrolics in motion…

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