Rumney Blew My Very Socks Off

I was Rumney Folk Club’s first ever guest on Friday night. I knew that was an honour in itself, but only when I arrived at the club did I realise just how much of an honour!

This club needs sharing with the world.

It is amazing!

I walked in to find a full stage set up, with a wonderful big Rumney Folk Club banner as a back drop.

The stage was decked out with monitors, and all sorts of instruments.

There were sound techs legging round looking after us from Jammycustard Productions.

There was a photographer taking pictures.

There was a videographer filming the gig.

There was a room beautifully set out with tables and candles.

And there were some stunning floor musicians.

Not to mention a wonderfully appreciate audience who were a joy to play for.

I really do hope that Rumney Folk Club continue to invite guest artists in because it is so well run, and such a hub of the local creative community, that they need to be sharing how great they are to the wider world.

Big thanks to Derek and co for asking me, and I really hope they ask me back! Highly recommended!!

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