Singing At The Demo – Lib Dem Conference

First of all, the ECHO was bang wrong. They ran a piece yesterday that Sunday’s demo against the Lib Dems has been banned. It hasn’t at all, so ignore it. They got it wrong. Everyone is gathering at Salthouse Dock at 11.30.

Salthouse Dock? Where’s that? It’s part of the Albert Dock development. Here’s a picture. You’ll know it when you see it. It’s where the MerseyDuck enters the River on it’s tour, not far from the Pumphouse pub.

If you still can’t place it, here is the Google Maps page for it which will help you out.

At the demo itself I’ll be singing from the main stage in between the speakers, so come along and fight against the cuts. Show the beige Tories how unwelcome they are.

Together with Cameron, they are masterminded an unprecedented attack on public services and ordinary people like us in order to pay for the heap loads of money that was handed over to the bankers who caused the crisis.

Their bonuses are back to what they were, but we’re expected to pay.

Don’t miss this opportunity to send a huge show of unity against the cuts.

We didn’t cause this “credit crisis”. They did. Why should we pay with our jobs and our services?

Remember, 11.30am at Salthouse Dock, Liverpool. Be in fine voice to sing along to me too.

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