So You Missed Folkscene? Listen Again

BBC Radio Merseyside Folk SceneSo you missed my one hour special on BBC Radio Merseyside’s Folkscene on Sunday?

Well, actually everybody did to an extent – the last 15 minutes wasn’t broadcast due to a technical glitch.

But worry not. You can listen to the whole thing in full for the next few days, thanks to the BBC’s Listen Again feature.

It features an extended interview with me, and a host of songs from the new album. Enjoy.

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  1. Sandy Farmer - September 17, 2013 @ 3:41 pm

    Just listened to the Radio Merseyside programme – impressed. Some memorable songs, soundly (!) created. I liked the format: your words and your music. Full but uncluttered. Passionate sincerity. Love and riverlight,
    Sandy x

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