Click the song title for full details, lyrics, and story behind each song, as well as a recording and, where available, a video clip.

Not all songs are linked yet but will be by the end of the year.

If you prefer to just listen to entire albums you can do that too.

When The Sunlight Shines album

Corridors of Stone album

Liverpool 800 EP

We Can Make The World Stop album

Tressell And Me Radio Ballad


The Dirty Thirty

Greedy Fingers

Not On Albums (Yet!)

Take Your Children To The Hill

Folk Star

Come Join The Army Son

The Non League Mighty Reds

We Can Make The World Stop

We Can Make The World Stop

Run Patsy Run

The Limerick Soviet


Princess Deborah

Waiting For The Lovers

John Lennon Said

Hello Barren Desert

Any Change At All

Chasing Yourself

Take The Mothers Name

All Hail To The Market

Corridors Of Stone

You Are My Addiction

Corridors Of Stone

Because You’re Beautiful

Woody’s Song

Life Of Crime

Make A Man

Today’s Just Yesterday

Thursday Night Drinking Song

I Want Rosa To Stay

The Ship Song

Liverpool 800

True Love Of Mine

Under Neptune’s Hand

Liverpool Love Song

Red And Blue

My Granddad Was A Docker

Coming Home


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