Soup For One – New Song

soupI’d love to hear your feedback on this new song that I wrote today.

Send me your comments below.

I always love hearing your thoughts on these songs. It’s a demo version but has come out pretty nice.

Soup For One

Eating soup without you
Doesn’t seem the same somehow
How I wish you here right now
To eat soup with me

But you’ve gone away love
Eating something I didn’t make
How it makes my poor heart ache
To eat soup lonely

Setting out a bowl for one
And a single spoon, you’ve gone

So the kitchen silent
Just the simmer of the pan
And the sigh of a lovesick man
Stirring the ladle

So it’s half the work now
Half the food for me to prepare
Twice as much for me to bear
When laying the table

Setting out a bowl for one
And a single spoon, you’ve gone

And the soup is steaming
But not as warm as your embrace
Or the smile on your sweet face
When you are near me

I lift the spoon to my lips
It’s not what they want anymore
It’s something else they’re longing for
The kiss you gave me

Setting out a bowl for one
And a single spoon, you’ve gone

I look out the window
As I wash these pans and pots
Stomach full but tied in knots
My spirit lowly

Then I hear the door sound
Hear the noise of lock and key
With a smile you’re back with me
This day went slowly

Setting out a bowl for two
A spoon for me and a spoon for you
I ask “will ice cream do”
You smile and say “of course”


  1. Aly - April 18, 2014 @ 1:20 pm

    This song struck a chord with me.
    I miss your soup! Aly xx

  2. David M - April 24, 2014 @ 5:34 pm

    There are so many songs about loneliness with various causes: social isolation, being far from home and relationship break-up. What I like about the song is that it draws us into believing it is about sadness following a split with a lover. Only in the penultimate verse does it become apparent that the sadly missed lady was merely out for the day (presumably at work), so quite a clever construction. I can’t imagine any of my exes being content with ice cream after a hard day’s work though, especially not after I’d made myself something more substantial and wholesome earlier! Maybe I always scooped up the tutti frutti.

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