Song For John Hartwell – January 2017

Song For John Hartwell – January 2017

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Video: The Story Of The Song

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Further Information: Song For John Hartwell

A Most Dangerous Method 

A fascinating interview with Alan Jacobs, who played a huge role in exposing some of the abuses of Jacqui Lee Schiff’s methods of psychotherapy. It details how John Hartwell’s case was not a one-off.

Candace Newmaker – The Therapy That Killed

CAUTION: Contains extremely distressing information. I include this story as it was relevant to me in the writing of the song. It also points to the fact that the John Hartwell case is not just a relic of the distant past.

An Interview with Lucy Johnstone

Exploring the culture of psychiatric diagnosis, controversies and alternatives. Lucy is interesting on the DSM5 controversy. She is the author of Users And Abusers of Psychiatry.[/text_block]

The Song : Full Band Version


The Song : Acoustic Version


Behind The Scenes

Let me tell you what to look out for…

The Making of Song For John Hartwell

Listen in uncensored as the song is written…

Chords and Lyrics



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Words and music written by Alun Parry

Produced and arranged by Alun Parry

(c) Alun Parry, 2017

All Rights Reserved


A Massive Thanks To You!

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The recordings of this song only happened because of your contribution.

You are making a real difference with your support, and I’m very grateful.


Big hugs,


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