We Are Not Afraid – April 2016

We Are Not Afraid – April 2016

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Video: The Story of the Song


Sophie Lancaster – whose life inspired the song.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

To find out about The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, click here

The Song : Full Band Version


The Song : Acoustic Version


Behind The Scenes

Let me tell you what to look out for…

The Making of We Are Not Afraid

Listen in uncensored as the song is written…

The Birth of the Song: Songwriter’s Commentary

A blow by blow guide to the audio of The Making of We Are Not Afraid


Chords and Lyrics


The First Ever Public Performance

Hove Folk Club, October 2009

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As you can see, I’ve lost a bit of timber since then…



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Words and music written by Alun Parry

Recorded by Alun Parry

(c) Alun Parry, 2016

All Rights Reserved


A Massive Thanks To You!

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The recordings of this song only happened because of your contribution.

You are making a real difference with your support, and I’m very grateful.


Big hugs,


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  1. Andrew Jenings - May 20, 2016 @ 4:28 pm

    I agree with every sentiment that you expressed in the story of the song Alun, and the song is a wonderful tribute to Sophie and all those who dare to be themselves in spite of shallow, judgmental bigots,

  2. alunparry - May 21, 2016 @ 4:03 pm

    Thanks Andrew. I’m glad it resonated. I wanted to do something for the courage in her.


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