Take Part In A Film For TUC

My mate Stephanie Power is making a film for the TUC for the November 30th actions.

And she needs YOU to be in it. Please pass this message on to others who’d be interested too.

Here’s the details from Steph herself, so get in touch with her direct if you fancy it:

I’m making a film for the TUC nationally, for their day of action against cuts to public sector pensions on November 30th.

The film will be about 2 minutes long and is scripted.

I am looking for a wide range of public sector workers – from the NHS, schools, museums and galleries, civil servants etc – to read the lines from the script.

I’m trying to find about 18 people to read two lines each.

I’m looking for men and women and people from different ethnic minority backgrounds.

Although we are filming in Liverpool, the film also needs to represent peopel from around the country, so I’m also looking for people who aren’t just from the city. (Not asking much am I!)

We will be filming on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th November at the A Foundation in Liverpool near Cains Brewery.

Filming shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes for each person.

On the 3rd, we will be filming til about 10pm. If you could pass this round to anyone who might be interested and able to take part, that would be great.

The film will be used as part of the TUC’s campaign materials in the run up to November 30th.
My contact details are [email protected] or 07793 459035

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