The Alun Parry Show in Liverpool

I only do one proper show in Liverpool per year nowadays. Don’t want you getting sick of me after all do I.

What’s that? You already are? Oh well, never mind :-)

Anyhow, I’ll be doing my annual full two hour show at some point between October this year and February next.

I need to get an idea of numbers so I can get the right venue. So I’ve set up an event in Facebook. Here it is so click it.

Have you clicked it? No? Well come on then, click it. Right here right now.

Once you’re there, click I’m Attending if (all things being equal) you’ll defo be there.

What’s that? You’re not on Facebook? Not to worry. Just drop me a line here instead.

I’ve got the Echo Arena holding a date for me you see. Take That want the same date but they said they’d wait for me to see how many I can muster. (Psst: this paragraph isn’t actually true.)

But do get in touch at the Facebook Event page or with a quick message.

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