The Bellie of Merrie England (with Alun Parry Playing Woody Guthrie)

Merrie England BurjestaIntroducing the Burjesta Clowns in the comic play ‘The Belly of Merrie England’. It’s Liverpool, 2013 and the Burjesta Clowns arrive in Britain in search of wealth and good living.

Follow them as they forlornly search through a British society in conflict and opt for ‘money hanging from the trees’.

See them arrive in London expecting ‘streets paved with gold’ only to witness Thatcher’s funeral and a final bizarre showdown with the bankers of the City of London.

But it’s not just a play, it’s also a variety spectacular, and I’ll be closing the night with a selection of songs from Woody Guthrie’s songbook.

I’m told that tickets for Saturday are nearly sold out so hurry hurry.

To reserve your tickets call Julian on 07913 449396.

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July 2013
The Casa, Hope St, Liverpool
Starts 7pm.

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