The Road To Glastonwick – Part One

On Friday 5th June, me and my mate “The Woolly” went on a mad road trip to Glastonwick Festival and back.

The Festival is in Brighton so it was a bit of a bonkers journey. Sixteen hours round trip in fact.

We decided to record the trip to keep us amused. Well be fair – what else can you do when you’re stuck in a car for 16 hours!!

Apols for the video editing. I don’t use Windows. I use Ubuntu Linux. It’s free and more secure than Windows, and it’s open source which I like on principle. (More on that maybe another time).

But video editing suites aren’t the best on Ubuntu so excuse the really poo editing.

If any fellow Linux Ubuntu geeks can point me to some cool video editing software that’d be great.

Be warned though, I’ll probably badger you for a week until I’ve ironed out the glitches :-)

Hope you enjoy part one of my sad effort of a road movie. We had a giggle making it though as you’ll see.

I’ll be posting more in the next couple of days. Watch this space…

Link to part two once you’ve watched this vid

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