This Friday: Liverpool Acoustic Live

For those wondering where the final vids are of the road trip, I’m having terrible trouble with my video editor software.

It’s a real pain and keeps crashing and so I’m taking a break from it before I kill it stone dead.

In the meantime, here’s a notice about a cracking regular event that takes place in Liverpool and is happening again this Friday.

It’s Liverpool Acoustic Live, run by the rather marvellous Graham Holland (he of It’s A Frogs Life podcast fame).

It’s a particularly special bill this Friday.

As well as Blue C and Vicky Neale, there is the remarkably gifted Emily Barden, and my lovable chum Barry Briercliffe.

Barry sung and played on my forthcoming album, and some of you will remember him from various live gigs too where he has played violin and sung backing vocals.

So it’s a good opportunity to see him strutting his own stuff.

The event is at the View Two Gallery just next to Lennon’s Bar in Mathew Street, Liverpool. It starts at 8pm and is just £4 to get in (a quid an act!)

To whet your appetite here is me and Bazza rehearsing my song Because You’re Beautiful. Enjoy. Barry’s beard is particularly impressive in this clip!

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  1.">Barry Briercliffe - June 23, 2009 @ 7:21 pm

    thanks al hahaha hope to see you there on Friday mate. Those road trip vids are hillarious aswell, I’ve been keeping an eye on them as you’ve been updating them, very entertaining haha oh and for the record, a veggie burger with meat juice over it is not a veggie burger!!!!

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