Union Hall

Union Hall Live – Alun Parry

I wrote this especially for the TUC demo at the Lib Dem Conference in Liverpool 2010.

The demo was protesting the savage cuts being proposed by the Tories and the Lib Dems.

I felt we needed an uplifting song to raise our spirits and keep us together in the battles ahead.

This is a live recording from that performance.

The lyrics and the full video are below.


The days are darkest when we’re all alone
Strength is often hard for us to find
Join together don’t be on your own
We are always strongest when combined

Join with your neighbours and your workmates too
Join with your family and friends
Stand united like they fear we’ll do
See that mighty message that we send

Come with me, and join us in the Union Hall
Come with me, and sing with all your heart
Come with me, and join us in the Union Hall
Come with me, where we can play our part

Bankers and the bosses make the losing bets
Then they look for you and me to pay
Stand together and defeat their threats
Send these crooks and gamblers away

Rpt Chorus


The hours grow longer and the pay grows small
What are you and I to do
Come with me into the Union Hall
We are the many, they are few!

Rpt Chorus x 2

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