Virtual Bingo?

Saturday’s gig at The Red Shed in Wakefield was ace. I loved it lots. And it really is a red shed. See the picture. And there was a Scouser sat at the end of the bar called Peter O’Toole. You couldn’t make it up could you?

Half the songs may well have degenerated into comradely debate but it was utterly hilarious and I had a great time.

The support acts were fab. James Bar Bowen and Gary Kaye were top drawer.

I love intimate venues like this. The people were fab and I’m indebted to Tony for working so hard to put the event on.

Thanks to all at Wakefield for being so warm and getting stuck into the gig so heartily. I’m still smiling at the memory of it.

Particularly the Virtual Bingo!!

Wondering what Virtual Bingo is? Well, it’s what happens when they’ve forgot the raffle tickets and James Bar Bowen invents something to take its place!!

So here’s the rules.

You think of a number in your head and keep it there. Then if Bar shouts out the number that is in your head then you shout house and win the prize.

Never has a game been so open to cheating and abuse.

Yet not a soul did. In fact, it took so long to complete the game of virtual bingo that Bar was eventually pleading “can you please just lie!!”

Hysterically funny and so much fun.

Bar announced one number and the guy next to me threw his head in his hands and went oooooooooo to signify a near miss!!

It underpins the honesty of people doesn’t it that even when anyone could have cheated, we just didn’t.

Utterly bonkers, but life affirming!!!

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