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Sophie Lancaster Today should have been Sophie Lancaster’s 23rd birthday.

But she was murdered for her appearance. She dressed in the goth style.

It is an extreme example of how we police each other into conformity, how we fear difference in others, and how easily it is exploited into horrific violence.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation has been set up by Sophie’s family and friends in the wake of this tragedy. They seek to educate against hatred and prejudice.

Tonight, at Manchester Cathedral, they premiere an outstanding and deeply, deeply chilling short animated film, ‘Dark Angel’, about what happened to Sophie. I embed it here so you can view it too.

Also shown in this post is a video featuring a live performance of my song We Are Not Afraid.

Sophie was the inspiration, for she was a young woman who lived life as herself and had the courage to be who she was.

Conformity sucks. A curse upon the ordinary! Three cheers for the niche!

For Sophie, and for her Mum Sylvia….

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