Vote Today And Stop The Fascists

Stop The BNP

Stop The BNP

Today is election day.

Yeah I know they’re all a bag of shite with their noses in the trough. But today is about stopping the fascists accessing a quarter of a million pound to spend on their hate.

And because it’s proportional representation, not only does every vote count – but every person who doesn’t vote actually increases the fascists tally.


Let’s do some numbers.

Imagine that there’s just 8 BNP voters in the whole of the North West (I wish!).

If 1,000 people vote then the BNP score just 0.8% (8 divided by 1,000).

But if only 10 people vote then they score 80% (8 divided by 10).

So not voting ups their score.

By staying away from the polling station today, you’d be upping the fascists vote.

What the fascists need

They need you to stay at home today.

Because if they get just 8% of the vote here’s what they’ll get:

* the poisonous Nick Griffin will be YOUR MEP
* they’ll have £1/4 million of OUR money to spend on their vile divisive politics

Who to vote for

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for. That’s up to you.

But get out and vote today – and vote for anyone other than the fascists.

I understand if you don’t want to vote Labour – there’s no way I’d vote Labour these days.

And the way Labour treats refugees is abysmal so I see them as a racist party.

But make sure you vote – because any vote against the BNP really screws them up.

Left options on the ballot

No2EUYes2Democracy is a party backed by the RMT union which essentially calls for a worker’s Europe rather than a boss’s Europe.

People like Roger Bannister of UNISON and Alec McFadden of the Merseyside TUC are standing for them.

Socialist Labour is the party set up by Arthur Scargill some years ago, and also have a list of candidates including my mate Kai Andersen.

There’s also the Greens if you wanted a different option.

Vote Vote Vote

There’s enough parties broadly on the Left to allow you to vote against the fascists without having to give your approval to the snout-in-the-trough brigade.

So vote. If you don’t, you increase the fascists score.

If you stay at home or spoil your ballot paper, it increases the BNP’s chance of victory.


Voting is today (June 4th). Please get out and cast your vote.

Or you could wake up tomorrow to find your MEP is a fascist with £250,000 to spend on spreading hate in your community.


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