We Can Make The World Stop CD

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We Cand Make The World Stop CD

We Cand Make The World Stop CD

We Can Make The World Stop CD

Album released in 2009.

Twelve blistering new tracks: We Can Make The World Stop, Run Patsy Run, The Limerick Soviet, Together, Princess Deborah, Waiting For The Lovers, John Lennon Said, Hello Barren Desert, Any Change At All, Chasing Yourself, Take The Mother’s Name, All Hail To The Market

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“The album is stunning. I love the hardline politics. I love the way you have unashamedly tackled quite difficult subjects like women’s oppression and queer-bashing in such a sensitive and compelling way. Waiting For The Lovers keeps bringing a tear to my eye.”
Kate Richardson, Vice President, Manchester Trades Council


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    Please add me to your email list. I would like very much to follow you and all your songs.

  3. Al - April 12, 2016 @ 1:40 pm

    Thanks Marie, I think you’re on my list. I noticed that someone with your name just joined. If you don’t get any messages from me then drop me a line.

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