Woody Guthrie 100th Birthday Special – Featuring NORA GUTHRIE

As you know I started the Woody Guthrie Folk Club in Feb 2008. I wanted to run a folk club as feisty and radical as Woody himself.

Is Woody my musical hero? Too right he is!!

And this year marks 100 years since he was born.

To mark the occasion something unbelievably special is happening for the May Woody Guthrie Folk Club on May 31st.

Woody’s daughter Nora Guthrie is coming to the Woody Guthrie Folk Club!!

I have decided to shift it to the Phil’s Rodewald Suite.

Not only that but the son of Lonnie Donegan (Peter Donegan) will be there too. I’ll be singing, and so will Rich Man’s Ruin, and a showcase of the great young folk talent from the club.

To say I’m excited doesn’t really describe it.

Tickets are now on sale at £10. Go to http://www.liverpoolphil.com/8763/events-contemporary-music/woody-guthrie-folk-club-special.html to get them – but please hurry. They’ll go fast.

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    Magnificent! XXXX

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