Working Class Music Festival

I’ve got a spare two minutes so thought I’d update everyone on where I’m up to.

Sorry for being so neglectful but if you’ve ever seen one of those blue arsed flies from the proverbs, I’ve been impersonating one.

The Liverpool Working Class Music Festival is in full swing.

Sunday saw Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson and Frankie Armstrong all perform together. Wow! And David Ferrard was amazing! Check him out if you’ve not had the chance to before.

Last night rocked!!

Rebel Truce, The Clash tribute band, were awesome. What a Joe Strummer our Jerry is!

And no wonder The Wailers are fans of Bob Marley stageshow Legend Live. Utterly breathtaking.

And it was HEAVING!!!

Check out the Youtube clips below!

There’s a short one first, and a longer one second.

Try to get to the remaining nights or you’re missing something simply stunning. Amsterdam tonight. Chumbawamba tomorrow. Both at The Picket, both 7.30 doors and 8pm start.

I’ll be supporting Chumba on Wednesday.

See ya soon, must dash. Don’t forget to see last night’s vids!!

Vid: 2min 54s

Vid: 9min 08s

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