I develop and run enjoyable workshops around creativity, earning a living without having a boss, and wellbeing.

South Sefton Development Trust, the School for Social Entrepreneurs, Liverpool Football Club, and St Helens Borough Council are amongst my clients.

writing-a-songBe a songwriter in three hours flat

This is a really special workshop. It teaches songwriting in a way I’ve never seen anybody else do. For years I’ve seen books and courses on songwriting that had useful exercises, but they didn’t write songs the way a real songwriter does. So in this workshop I teach you exactly how I work when creating a song. It taps into the creativity you already have inside you. I believe we are all songwriters and in this workshop I prove it to be true. No musical skills required whatsoever.

happy conversationShare your own life story

Your own life story is the most important thing you can share with others. It benefits them, and it benefits you. In this workshop I’ll show you exactly how to do it. You don’t need to be a writer. There are countless ways to share your story and I’ll be showing you a ton of them. Sharing your story is the best gift you can give to yourself and to your family.

yes-attitudeThe low risk way to a boss-free life

So Monday morning is your least favourite day. You’ve got to face another week in a job you don’t care about, working for a boss you can’t stand. There’s got to be something more, right? This workshop shows you how to take low risk steps to finding your own boss-free life. On this workshop, business plans are banned! Instead, I show you how to generate a ton of ideas, and the scientific way to test them fast and cheap until you find the one that wins your freedom.

alive_1Find your passion and follow your dream

So you want to live a fulfilled, independent life – but life has put your passions in a carrier bag and buried them somewhere. You’ve lost touch with who you are and what you love, and it’s time to get it back. This workshop uses some fab, fun exercises to rediscover the things you love, and shows you how to build your life and work around them.

break1You without limits

Imagine a you without limits and without fear. Where you can finally fulfil your potential without tripping yourself up, or telling yourself you’re not good enough. Imagine being able to name those limits, look them in the eye, and then find a way to sweep them aside and live a joyous, impacting life. This is the workshop for you. You will learn what your limits are, how they play out in life, and what you can do to break free and live.

woman-laptop-620x480No more overwhelm: how to get loads done without wanting to scream

You’re a leader, and you’re overwhelmed. You have so much you want to achieve, so much you have committed to, and you’re mega stressed. You’ve no time to get everything done, you feel on edge most of the time, life is no fun anymore, and you don’t even have time for family and friends. You feel trapped. This workshop shows you how to find freedom. This is a simple method I use myself. I designed it 6 years ago, and it saved me when I was exactly where you are now. This workshop has had rave reviews from lots and lots of social enterprise leaders, public sector managers, and business people.

visionVision up the life you want

So you want to press the reset button. You want to take a day out and find out what you REALLY want for the next 12 months. This workshop shows you how to find what you want, why you want it, and what to do to get there. If you need to get in touch with what you truly want from life, this workshop is the space you need to find out. And find out how to make it happen.

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