Fun Is Where It’s At

Piano Stairs When I was a kid, nobody had to force me to play football. I just played it. Constantly.

It wasn’t because a parent or teacher sat me down and explained the benefits of it. How it would keep me fit. Or teach me the value of teamwork. Or experience how to be a good loser and a gracious winner.

I played because it was fun.

Very often a parent or teacher would have to force me NOT to play it, either to come in for my tea or to get to my classroom, but not once did anyone have to force me to play.

It’s a lesson worth remembering. When it’s fun, we do it. Simple as that.

It sticks in my craw a bit to have to mention a corporate thingy on my site, but it has to be said this is a cool video, even if it is something being done by Volkswagen.

The idea is to come up with ways to change behaviour by making it fun. Thanks to Jan Mullen for sending this on to me. Now can these commuters be made to take the stairs instead of the escalator?

Let’s see…..

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  1. Sharon - October 23, 2009 @ 4:17 pm

    Life, should be fun, full stop.

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