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I am a former lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Liverpool. My specialism was the Internet, which was an emerging field at the time.

I went on to become a web programmer for a number of software houses. I develop websites for clients to this day.

I focus on creating sites that do a business job for the client, whether it be an arts site, a social enterprise, a not for profit or a private business.

I guide clients through the process of building a website that does a job of work for you.

biglovesistaBig Love Sista
Big Love Sista is a remarkable social enterprise that brings gorgeousness and magic to the lives of many. It uses art and creativity to create personal renewal in the lives of its clients.

lsavLiverpool Sound & Vision
Liverpool Sound & Vision is the number 1 review site on the Merseyside cultural scene.

Designed for flexibility, and for clear user navigation, the site has grown from scratch to be the premier website for cultural reviews on website.

It generates thousands of hits each month, and is required reading for many of the city’s biggest arts decision makers.

barryb Barry Briercliffe Music
This is the website for Barry Briercliffe. Barry is a songwriter, music producer, and covers performer based in Liverpool.

He has several albums under his belt, and is a music resident in the bars of the legendary Mathew Street area of Liverpool, where he performs each weekend.

His website is a key component of his success as an independent music industry professional.

clarecClare Campbell

Clare is one of Liverpool’s finest and most popular working artist.

Not just artist, but full scale human dynamo, Clare seeks the juice and is the juice. Her trademark Goddess paintings bring pleasure and emotional support to her many followers.


  1. John Hall - February 21, 2014 @ 10:16 am

    What does it cost to set up?

  2. alunparry - February 21, 2014 @ 11:08 am

    Hi John

    It really depends on the kind of site clients want. Some clients want very complex, huge websites. Others want something small and simple.

    For a site like those I’ve listed, it would be typically somewhere between £1,500 and £1,995 at a roughish guess.

    But it does depend. Some of those sites don’t have an online store for instance, others do.

    What I typically do is chat things over free of charge, give some valuable advice, explain my process, and then do the work if people decide to choose me for the site.


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