“A tremendous breadth of lyrical ambition – glorious. An incurable champion of ordinary people.”
R2 Magazine

“Vile lyrics.”
Daily Mail

“In dark days like these, songs like Alun’s are needed more than ever and they shine like a beacon through the fog of lies, disinformation and propaganda to present a working class view of reality. Great singer, great guitarist, great songwriter and hugely entertaining in live performance.”
Dick Gaughan, folk legend

“Powerful stuff. There is something essentially Liverpool about the songs and the sound. Songs that address the world we live in now.”
Roy Bailey, folk legend

“A collection of irresistible, empowering, fresh sounding anthems.”

“The album (We Can Make The World Stop) is stunning. I love the hardline politics. I love the way you have unashamedly tackled quite difficult subjects like women’s oppression and queer-bashing in such a sensitive and compelling way. Waiting For The Lovers keeps bringing a tear to my eye.”
Kate Richardson, Vice President, Manchester Trades Council

‘Seems clearly located within the Liverpool experience of popular song. Successfully merges a variety of local cultural experiences from Irish folk music to Beatles pop songs – plus a little bit of that oral tradition of imaginative word-play that underpinned McGough & Pattern & Henri.’
Robb Johnson, Irregular Records

‘Liverpool songwriter Alun Parry is one of the city’s most respected radical folk musicians.’
Big Issue In The North

‘Talented songsmith.’
The Guardian

‘The best singer songwriter in Liverpool”
Stuart Borthwick, Writing on the Wall Festival

‘Alun won over the audience with his first few words and held us enthralled with his melodies and perceptive lyrics. Entertaining and thought-provoking!’
Holmfirth Folk Festival

‘One of my all time favourite Merseyside musicians. A legend on the Liverpool acoustic scene. A Merseyside folk God.’
Jade Wright, Liverpool Echo

‘All the energy of a Lucozade injection. Has much to say yet devoid of lectures. A storyteller with passion and humour. Pinches of Weller, Costello, Strummer and maybe even a Lennonesque twist.’
Swine Magazine

‘In the finest tradition of folk singing, he sides with the common man. Alun has hooked personal experience to the special mood of this city.’
David Charters, Daily Post Newspaper

‘The Liverpudlian singer songwriter packs more weight in the punch of his folk songs than most acoustic musicians do in a lifetime. Acutely tuned into the concerns of the everyman, Parry’s honeycomb voice carries his insightful anecdotes with enough wry humour to wish he was your drinking buddy.’
Lianne Steinberg, Big Issue review of Corridors of Stone album

‘This unsung hero is a talented folk singer. Has all the observational wit you would expect from this Scouse treasure.’
Lianne Steinberg, Big Issue review of Liverpool 800 EP

‘One of the most incisive songwriters on Merseyside.’
Spencer Leigh, BBC Radio

‘One of our great Liverpool songwriters. So varied he will take you by surprise.’
Billy Butler, BBC Radio

‘Alun Parry is a breath of fresh air. A true original in the tradition of Guthrie, Dylan, Springsteen, Bragg and Weller. Thought provoking considered songs with a social conscience and a welcome touch of humour. Parry’s aim is true.’ magazine

‘A performer born to be on stage. Turns an audience of strangers into friends in a matter of moments. A storming set that had the audience singing and clapping along and enjoying every minute. A rich vibrant sound perfectly complimenting Alun’s beautifully crafted songs.’
Rikki Wright, journalist

‘Parry’s tribute to Liverpool is as unsolemn as it is passionate. He has encapsulated something of the Liverpool psyche.’
Sandra Gibson, Nerve Magazine review of Liverpool 800

‘Like those of other great musical storytellers such as Woody Guthrie and John Lennon, the songs captivate the listener with subjects both serious and whimsical that capture the human experience.’
David Bash, International Pop Overthrow Festival

‘If Alun Parry was a politician he’d get my vote.’
Millenium Arts Magazine

‘Great stuff!’
Attila The Stockbroker

‘His thought provoking lyrics separate him from the rest of Liverpool’s rich acoustic scene. A true individual in attitude and lyrics.’
LIVE Magazine

‘You could see his experience shine through with his expert interaction with the audience and the use of the age old technique of telling the stories behind his words. It brought the audience closer to him and the reception he got was even warmer. His style is very upbeat and he got the audience up and running from the very first chord and their feet tapping.’
Acoustic Fest

‘Good lyrics go to the heart of important issues and, in Parry’s hands, skewer them with the minimum of fuss. A thoughtful and committed album.’
Nerve Magazine

‘He managed the rare trick of combining radical politics with a down to earth style that won over everybody in the room.’
Adam Ford, Indymedia

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