Spot The Odd One Out

It’s two days until the postal strike begins.

I’m sure we’ll hear lots about the evil union from the press and the meejah.

There’ll almost certainly be some very personalised attacks on the likes of Billy Hayes (a fellow Liverpool lad) who heads up the union. After all, that’s how these things work. So don’t fall for it.

We’ll probably hear how this “dinosaur” of a union is holding the entire nation to ransom.

But here’s a little game for everyone to play. It’s called Spot The Odd One Out.

Clockwise from top left: Adam Crozier, The Postal Strike, Lord Myners, Lord Mandelson

Clockwise from top left: Adam Crozier, The Postal Strike, Lord Myners, Lord Mandelson

Above are Adam Crozier, Chief Executive of the Royal Mail. Then to his right is the Postal Strike. Then beneath that is City Minister and former banker Lord Myners who has this week been moaning at the postal workers. And of course Lord Mandelson who has given the postal workers many a ticking off of late.

But which is the odd one out?

Well it’s that old dinosaur the postal strike.

It may well be true that we plumped in favour of elected rule a couple of hundred years ago during the Enlightenment.

Yet that silly old strike is the only thing in our little group that was actually voted on.

Crozier was appointed.

Myners is an ex banker who was voted in by nobody yet sits in the House of Lords, serves as a minister in the government, and uses his unelected position to lecture postal workers.

Mandelson was twice forced to resign from front line politics in disgrace. But now he is a back – as a Lord.

And so, like Myners and Crozier, was voted in by nobody.

Yet somehow it is okay for him to hold the exalted role of President of the Board of Trade in the Cabinet, with not a single vote having put him there.

And that gives him the right to tut tut at postal workers so desperate to improve their working conditions and the service they offer to their customers that they’ll strike to do it.

Trust those crusty old unions with their stodgy old democracy.

If Mandelson, Myners and Crozier were Arthur Scargill, everyone would be howling for a ballot.

How about we have one to get rid of these unelected throwbacks and put the people back in charge?

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  1. Vinny - October 20, 2009 @ 1:50 pm

    Nice one, Alun.

  2. Rob Clague - October 20, 2009 @ 2:47 pm

    Spot On Alun

  3.">ann arky - October 26, 2009 @ 10:22 am

    Nice analysis but voting is only for the lower minnions, to have power and be in control of our society you have to be in the big boys club and you only get in by invite. They hold their regular meetings in the Westminster House of Corruption and their chairperson is a monarch.

  4. alunparry - October 26, 2009 @ 10:44 am

    Ann Arky is a cool fella, I met him at my gig in glasgow.

    He looked at the photo on my album cover which has the banner on it proclaiming “Capitalism Isn’t Working”.

    He grinned and said “That’s not right is it. All wealth is being transferred from the many into the pockets of the rich. It seems to me that capitalism is working perfectly. That’s what it’s meant to do.”

    Can’t argue with that :-)

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