Why I Am A Sellout And A Hypocrite – A Confession

My Confession

Hi, I’m Al. I’m a singer, a songwriter, a sellout and a hypocrite. It’s really good to meet you. I hope you like my songs and stories.

I’m A Sellout?

Yes. Depending on your point of view. Let me explain.

First of all, I’m an imperfect human being living in a cruel, imperfect world. I sing about stuff that you care about, but I’m not to be idealised. I’m just some goon with a guitar. Don’t expect perfection. You’ll be disappointed and get upset.

If you’re open hearted, compassionate and accepting, then please stick around. I love being around you. You’re a joy. I can fail hard in front of you, and you’ll cheer me back to my feet. You’re my kind of funky. Who wouldn’t want you around? Let’s hug. I’m a hugger.

But if you do want perfection, that’s so not me. Maybe follow Jesus. A lot of people do. The thing is, I can’t match up to that guy. Some say that he was the Son Of God. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m definitely not. I can’t even wire a plug.

And I don’t like how his story ends. I don’t want to emulate that. But if you want someone saintly, check him out. He seems a nice guy.

Then again, you might think he’s a sellout for that “give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” line. The sellout. If so, you could find someone else dead who you do really admire. They’ll never disappoint you now.


Me? I will. That’s a promise. Don’t expect better from me. I’m a flawed human, like you.

You see, I try to make the world a better place. But then again, I’ll order stuff from Amazon because I want it tomorrow. I’m a contradiction. I do imperfect things. I’m a veggie bordering on vegan, yet I have a pair of leather shoes kicking about somewhere. If that’s not hypocritical, what is?

I don’t get my groceries from the Albanian Workers Coop like I’m supposed to. Shameful I know. And I feel terrible about it. But there you are. I confess it.

Second, you might be the kind of leftie who eagerly watches for signs of a sellout. I mean, you’re probably not. You’re probably lovely. You’re probably that same open hearted, loving person I was hugging earlier. Nice hug by the way.

But just in case you are, then you’ll find people selling out all over the place, because you’re looking for it.

Selling Out

That includes me. Let me fess up. I’m selling out like it’s going out of fashion.

Sometimes I’m selling out because my politics differ slightly from yours. When that happens, your view will be much more noble and pure than mine. That’s guaranteed.

At other times, I’m selling out if ever I make a bit of money out of what I do. “Oh aye, social justice is for sale now is it” you might say in disgust.

Maybe that Billy Bragg pisses you off because he’s got a nice house in Dorset. What a hypocrite right? He sings about socialism, and there he is in his big fuckoff house?!

I’ll be honest. I don’t want that kind of scrutiny.

Being around folk who are looking for my flaw – well that makes me kinda nervous. I just know you’ll find it sooner or later. That’s not a trap door I want to be stood on.

If I have to be a saint in a hairshirt just to get your approval, it’s best that we don’t hang out. Awkward to say, but I’d rather you were in someone else’s audience. Is that bad? I hope not. I think we’ll both be happier in the long run.

Nice one Billy

You see, I think it’s great that Billy Bragg gets to have a lovely life from spreading humanitarian ideas and beautiful music. He’s living the dream. It’s everything that I want for you too. To have financial security AND do what you love. Wouldn’t that be amazing.

Are you punching the air going YEAH that’s amazing, nice one Billy!! Then we’re kindred spirits, me and you. Stick around.

But if you see it as selling out, we’re not in the same tribe. It might have seemed like we were on the same page when you first listened to some of my songs. But as you can see, it turns out I’m not your guy. Soz.

Don’t worry though, there’s loads of singers out there. Half the world has a Soundcloud account these days. When it comes to being a music fan, we already live in that socialist dream of abundance.

Go and find your match. It’s okay that it’s not me. Forget me. I’ll only let you down. And then you’ll hate me for it. And who wants to be hated?

Hello Kind Souls

Still here? Yay!! You’re my people. More hugs!!

I’m only here for open hearted, non judgemental, loving, compassionate progressives like you who’d love to see a kinder, better world.

And who’d like to see each other do as well as we can in these tricky times. I’m not here for anyone else. Just you.

So I love you already. Thanks for checking me out. I hope you stick around. The world needs you. And we need each other. It’s great to know you.

Here’s to love, mutuality and kind permission to meet our many needs.

If you want to get in touch, I’d love hearing from you. Just drop me a line at [email protected]

Or check out more of my music. It’s there as a gift to you, meaning you can get it for free, or give a gift back if you’d like to. Enjoy it, whatever you do.